Remote Start

  • Start your vehicle from your smart phone from virtually anywhere in the world

  • Get start confirmation on your mobile device

Keyless Entry

  • Lock/unlock your doors with your smart phone or mobile device

Lot Spot*

  • Automatically remembers the vehicle's location

  • Walking directions to where your vehicle is parked using Google® walking navigation

*Lot Spot is available only through the mobile app

Vehicle Location

  • Track your vehicle's location
    with Car Connection Pro 
    smart phone App

  • Monitor teen or elderly drivers

  • Stolen vehicle/Tow

Safety Zones & Alerts

  • Alerts sent when vehicle enters or exits a specific zone (up to 5 location perimeters)

  • Receive Speed Alerts and device removal notifications

  • Receive alarm alerts when vehicle is broken into

Driver Scoring

  • A calculated Driver Score based on driving behaviors

  • May be used in UBI (Usage Based Insurance)

  • Programs for possible insurance premium discounts

Vehicle Health

  • Diagnose that 'Check Engine' light

  • Know what your mechanic knows

  • Receive trouble alerts &
    maintenance reminders

Cell Phone Rerstriction

  • Restrict cell phone use in the vehicle with an additional app*

  • Allow emergency contacts only
    Android or Blackberry compatible
    devices only

*Android and Blackberry only

Fuel Economy

  • Track real-time fuel consumption based on actual driving habits

  • Learn optimal MPH for ensuring best mileage

Simple Activation Process

  • Purchase Car Connection Pro and have it installed

  • Create an account online at carconnection-pro.com/login

  • Add your vehicle information and select your plan

  • You're ready to go!

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What it is... Imagine being able to connect to, communicate with, and control your family's vehicles each day to improve their performance and protect your safety. Imagine knowing how fast or aggressively your teenage son is driving. Whether your daughter is using her cell phone while driving in the vehicle, and you having the power to restrict it. Being able to lock/unlock or remote start your vehicle from anywhere in the world, right from your smartphone or mobile device, and being able to track its location and movements online in real time. What if grandpa's car could alert you whenever he drives beyond safety zones you predetermine.

Car Connection Pro