IDS delivers the best F&I products to auto dealers in Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio, Austin, McAllen TX areas. Our goal is to help auto dealers increase their profits and delivering the highest level of service will always be the driving force behind our business. Only by consistently exceeding our dealers expectations can we earn and keep their loyalty, expand our customer base and increase the value of our service. By offering you the proper F&I products from top quality fully insured companies along with F&I training, our goal is to help you increase your profitability and grow your dealership.

We help create wealth building through participation programs that includes reinsurance with a CFC or NCFC structure and also retrospective profit sharing programs that includes payout percentages up to 99% . We keep you informed on the latest F&I products services and trends, leaving you to run your business, which is what you do best.

ForeverStart Battery & Key Protection for Auto Dealers in San Antonio, Austin, McAllen TX, Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ

Insured Dealer Services is now a certified provider for ForeverStart Battery & Key Protection

Announcing our newest addition to our our family of premium protection products for Auto Dealers! ForeverStart and ForeverKey are the best battery & key protection programs available in the USA!


ForeverStart Battery Protection allows automotive dealerships to sell battery protection with the OEM batteries already installed in your vehicles.

  • Non-cancellable
  • ForeverStart provides everything up front with no startup costs for auto dealers
  • Lifetime Unlimited Battery Replacements for vehicles current plus 2 model years back under
    24k miles
  • ForeverStart will pay up to selected coverage amount for EACH replacement
  • Coverage begins immediately
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Warranty comes with two jumpstarts for lifetime of contract


ForeverKey Protection provides complimentary key fob trackers directly to your customers with no upfront costs to auto dealers.

  • Best in class lost Key Protection
  • Protects against the #1 and #2 lost items (Keys and Cell Phones)
  • Bluetooth technology guides customers to their Keys and Smartphone using free app
  • Non-Cancellable
  • Parts & Labor covered for Key Replacement (cost plus 10% & flat labor rate of $50)
  • Bluetooth tracking device locates your Key or Cell Phone through downloaded app
  • If the product fails to perform, customer will have their car key replaced
  • One replacement (at selected coverage amount) every 12 months.
  • Lifetime coverage on original car, with original purchaser (non-transferable)
  • New Cars & Used Cars (Current year & 10 model years back)


ForeverRide Battery & Key Protection for Motorcycle and ATV.

  • ForeverRide Battery protection treatment allows your battery to function normally for as long as you own your vehicle
  • Qualifier for vehicles is current plus 5 model years back
  • If the product fails to perform, customer will have their battery replaced
  • $350 per instance every 12 months.
  • Lifetime coverage on original vehicle, with original purchaser (non transferable)
  • Bluetooth tracking device locates your key via an app
  • Qualifier for vehicles is current plus 10 model years back
  • If the product fails to perform, customer will have their vehicle keys replaced
  • $350 per instance every 12 months.
  • Lifetime coverage on original vehicle, with original purchaser (non transferable)


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F & I Products


With consumers borrowing more than ever before under longer terms, GAP is a finance office must. No hassle claims process with terms up to 84 months at 150% MSRP.


Protect your customers from road hazards with terms up to five years, no deductible and unlimited mileage. Coverage is available for alloy wheels and run-­flat tires.


Choose your own marking system and consumer benefit. Coverage includes incentive to bring customers back to you for a replacement vehicle. Markings are permanent, tamper resistant and non-­cancelable.


Defense from interior stains caused by food and beverage spills and exterior hazards such as bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap and bugs. Provides substitute transportation with no deductibles and is non-­cancelable.

Lease Excess Wear
& Tear Coverage

Choose from two deductibles. Scratches, dents, tires, and stains are all covered up to $5,000.

Battery, Key & Windshield Replacement

Batteries, keys and windshields need extra coverage on today’s roads. Today’s key fobs are expensive to replace. Should your customer lose or damage their keys, a replacement can be covered quite easily. With complimentary key fob GPS trackers, we help prevent lost keys. This makes customers and their auto dealers breathe much easier.