How it Works

With an optional LoJack Early Warning, if your car so much as moves, we notify you promptly. With standard LoJack, if your car goes missing, one call to the police puts your LoJack into action.

As soon as your vehicle is reported stolen, your LoJack is activated, emitting a uniquely coded signal to our network of police cars, helicopters, and airplanes.

Police use the LoJack Tracking Systems installed in their vehicles to pick up your car’s signal. And because LoJack works where GPS devices can’t – through concrete, buildings, and steel – police can easily track your vehicle. Returning it within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

​LoJack with Early Warning

For an added layer of protection to your LoJack system, LoJack Early Warning alerts you by email, phone, or text message if your vehicle has been moved without your authorization.

Extended Recovery Warranty (XRW)

​Warranty that enhances your LoJack Recovery System or LoJack Early Warning Recovery System by extending your LoJack 24-hour Limited Recovery Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

LoJack with Guarantee Plus 5000

​An additional warranty that guarantees up to $2,500 for your reimbursable expenses if your vehicle is not recovered within 30 days or is deemed a total loss to theft. In addition, up to $2,500 toward the replacement of your vehicle from your dealer.

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