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LoJack Next Generation

LoJack Next Generation

Auto Dealers, Grow your sales with the all new LoJack:

  • Improve Profitability in Sales & Service
  • Improve Customer Retention in Sales & Service
  • Improve Aftermarket Sales
  • Manage Your Lots & Inventory With Improved Efficiency
  • Protect Your Inventory
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Stay Connected to Customers Post-Sale with MyDealer

Use the MyDealer Feature – Exclusive to LoJack


MyDealer, the dealership-branded customer retention tool in the LoJack consumer app, helps you stay connected to customers and help them manage car health with proactive maintenance alerts, factory recall notifications, and service scheduling to help you grow Fixed Ops Revenue and build customer loyalty.

  • Display your dealership’s logo, contact information, and service links within your customers’ LoJack app with click-to-call functionality
  • Create campaigns and promotions that automatically notify your customers when they’re due for service using accurate vehicle mileage and other customer data
  • Help customers keep vehicles safe with service scheduling links from automatic recall notifications
  • Offer in-app scheduling of service appointments on demand any time, from anywhere
  • Utilize a new marketing tool to communicate to customers – a trusted app with above-average use. LoJack users access the app 12x per month on average


Insured Dealer Services is a local authorized LoJack dealer who can bring your auto dealership to the next level with the best customer retention numbers in Sales and Service ever! Let our team of experts give you the latest on the new, next generation LoJack.  Call us today!

Download the LoJack Dealer App Here:

Increase Operational Efficiency and Revenue

That’s where LoJack® and Insured Dealer Services both come in.

Streamline Inventory Management and Audits

The new LoJack® web portal is the smart lot management hub for both car dealerships and fleet groups of all sizes. With LoJack®, inventory management becomes a breeze with the ability to pinpoint the location of every car on or off lot with visibility into inventory age, test drive history, battery health, and more.

Our dealers say LoJack® saves hours in audit time!

Dealers can account for and find every vehicle from the LoJack web portal or the Lojack® app.

​Our Warranty enhances your LoJack® Recovery System or LoJack® Early Warning Recovery System by extending your LoJack® 24-hour Limited Recovery Warranty for as long as you customers own their vehicle.

​Why wait? Let Insured Dealer Services show you how the new LoJack can take your dealership to the next level!

Improve Profitability in Sales and Service

  • Generate additional $300-$400 per vehicle sale
  • Push service notifications to customers with click-to-call back to dealership
  • Consumers get auto recall notifications that link to dealership service number and website

Drive Service Retention with Automated Push Notifications Through the LoJack App

  • On average, consumers use LoJack app 12x per month
  • 52% of customers who receive app notices contact the dealer
  • 4.8 out of 5-star App Store ratings (+18K consumer reviews)

Manage Lots and Inventory

  • Find cars quickly for test drive – enable sales team with the LoJack dealer app
  • Pinpoint vehicle location with 4’ accuracy
  • Quickly view & manage low batteries
  • Identify aging inventory

Protect Your Inventory

  • Up to $10K coverage per vehicle for dealers who preload (may vary by state)
  • Recover vehicles involved in theft with average 26 minutes recovery time and 98% recovery rate
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